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Mahaveer Painting Contractor Kota, (Rajasthan)


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Mahaveer Painting Contractor Kota, (Rajasthan)


Colours give the essential character to any space-be it living room or kitchen, bedroom or lounge. We help you achieve striking effects using the right colours to create interiors that give a neutral elegance, be it timeless eternal shades that infuse glamour ,or refined trendy and vibrant colours,we paint to create an ambiance of wide spaces that offers a balance to each room.

Mahaveer Painting Contractor Kota, (Rajasthan)

Wood and metal

Wood Finish is the latest clear finishes offering from Asian Paints. This acrylic based wood coating forms a strong coat on the wood that protects the wood from scratches and stains, hence making the furniture stronger and more durable. PU protects the wood from yellowing, thus helping the wood retain its original colour. It provides excellent solvent resistance and the glossy variant provides mirror-like gloss and clarity. These qualities have made PU wood's most trusted and valued friend. It is available in glossy and matt variants.

Mahaveer Painting Contractor Kota, (Rajasthan)


The beauty of your house will stand out with its exterior paint.our top quality paints give better protection and long lasting beauty so once you paint your home you dont have to paint it again for a long time.

Mahaveer Painting Contractor Kota, (Rajasthan)

Post painting care

Good painting can add value to your home and make it come alive. Simple steps for wall painting can lead to walls that stay beautiful longer and extend the durability of the paint job. Most wall paints (like emulsions and washable distempers) are washable. This means they can be periodically cleaned with mild soap water solution. However, stubborn and very old stains may be more difficult to remove from the film. The newly painted surface should not be cleaned in less than 2 weeks after application of finished coat. Special care should be taken for the passages, kitchens and children's rooms when home painting. Berger premium acrylic paints can be scrubbed and cleaned as desired. Use a sponge and mild soap solution and lightly scrub the areas that have stains. Abrasive scrubbing may result in permanent damage to the paint film. To minimise permanent or difficult-to-remove stains, clean walls immediately before the stains dry up. Children's and heavily used rooms are more prone to being soiled, so using stain resistant, washable paints such as Berger Royale Silk or Berger Everglow are ideal for these types of applications, as these paints are more resistant to stains and allow for easy stain removal.

Mahaveer Painting Contractor Kota, (Rajasthan)

Paint your home tool and android app

For use this tool at first capture photo of your home or building. after that create account and upload photo after that you can color your home as your dreams. there are many a readymade designed of leaving roms, kidsrooms and many other for you. you can also download android app also.